Working From Home in My PUDUS

Working From Home in My PUDUS

I frequently find myself stuck at home with work to do. Usually, it is not work I really want to do, but rather it is work that must get done. I find these tasks easier to handle when I am comfortable. When faced with hours of at-home work, I always wear my PUDUS slipper socks. They keep my feet comfortable and warm, and this lets my mind focus on my work.


When I must find comfort, I usually do some routine preparations. I put on my sweat suit, I brew some tea, and I make sure there are many snacks in my near vicinity. However, these preparations are not always enough, as my feet are still left cold and uncovered. This is when I slip into my PUDUS slipper socks and complete my comfort preparations.


I spent most of my life without PUDUS. But since I have found them, they have changed the way I get things done around the house. I no longer get tired from all the movement, nor do I ever get cold feet. With my Pudus, every step feels as if I am walking on a cloud. Every chore is that much more bearable because my feet are so comfortable. Stacks of paperwork hardly bother me anymore, since they only mean I get to spend more hours wearing my Pudus.


If you are looking for something to buy while you work, consider buying your very own pair of fantastic PUDUS. They will keep your feet warm, comfortable, and cozy all through the winter. They are a loveable pair of slipper socks, and their unique patterns make them personal to each wearer. They have marvelous patterns like hearts, stripes, plaid, and leopard print. These cheerful designs have a visual aesthetic that lifts my spirit, despite the looming workload in front of me. My Pudus keep my feet warm and cozy as I work towards completion. Put simply, Pudus allow my mind to focus on my work instead of my feet.


When taking a break from your work, be sure to check out the PUDUS online store. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can have a pair of PUDUS shipped directly to your door. One size will fit most feet. Plus, new patterns are being added frequently. It is worth checking the online store regularly to see if there are any new pairs that you simply must have.  These are things you need if you are stuck at home with hours of work to do. The hours will go by, but you will hardly notice because you will be so comfortable. This is their power and it is why I love my Pudus slipper socks.

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I received a pair of PUDUS for my 60th birthday. I literally put them on the minute I opened the present and now I am ordering another pair because I can’t live without them. I find my whole body relaxes when I am wearing them and any arthritic pain in my ankles and feet just disappears. I am hoping PUDUS will soon make a full line of clothing.


These were the best socks I ever received as a gift!!! So warm, cozy, reasonable prices too!!! Have bought many pairs for gifts and were LOVED by everyone who got them!!! I will continue to keep purchasing these socks!!! ???

Caara Bobyn

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