Healthy Women, Healthy Communities

Healthy Women, Healthy Communities

BC Women’s Hospital is where 7,400 women become mothers each year. This Mother’s Day, we are proud to donate proceeds from our sales to moms from all walks of life that pass through the door at BC Women’s Foundation.
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Below is a story from one of our Pudus team members, Brandon Segal, whose family personally experienced the extraordinary services of BC Women's Hospital. 

The morning of October 10th, 2017, started much differently than we expected. At 6:30 am, Alisa's water broke, 10 weeks before our twins were due. 

A quick call to our OB and we were off to BC Women's Hospital. Scared would be an understatement, we made the normally 25 minute drive in under 16 minutes. 

From the moment we walked into the Labour and delivery, the staff were incredible. Our intake although frantic (on our behalf) was efficient, calming and very professional.
Three hours later, our two beautiful twins were born and Alisa was resting safely and comfortably. 
Following their arrival, we were transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where we would spend the next 91 days. Beginning in "the old NICU" and then moving to the new building, the care that we received was truly world class. 
State of the art facilities, one to one nursing, and incredible doctors guided our 29 week twins through the many highs and lows of development. Ultimately culminating when we were discharged from BC Women's Hospital on January 8th, 2018 with two healthy and happy babies.
Alisa and I are incredibly grateful for the care that we received while at BC Women's Hospital. 
BC Women's Hospital x Pudus
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