If you’re an adventurer who loves being out in nature, Summer is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors. There’s something so relaxing and cleansing about getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re hiking, kayaking, camping, watching wildlife or just enjoying a quiet picnic or stroll in the park, Pudus is the perfect companion for your summer plans!

Boot Socks

Boot Socks For Hiking and Camping

It’s time to take out those dirty hiking boots, because the sun’s finally out and it is time to treat yourself to a dose of beautiful nature. Whether you're in it for the views, socializing, exercise or all of the above, the time for hiking is finally here. Pudus has the perfect accessory to pair with your boots... our Boot Sock! Sure to make you feel nice and snug while hiking, as well as add a little bit of style to your outdoor wear. Coming in multiple colors and styles, you’ll be able to put together an outfit in no time. Featured in Oprah's Favorite Things List in 2018, our Lumberjack collection is our most popular style. With a pair of these on, you’ll be ready to journey into the mountains.

Hats & Headbands

Pudus Mint and Purple Cable Knit Hat

When hiking or camping, layering is essential for Chilly Summer Nights or hiking in the mountains where high elevation can cause weather changes. Since your head is one of the areas of your body that experiences the most heat loss, having a hat or headband handy is a smart idea. Pudus has a wide range of hats and headbands with sherpa lining perfect for this task! They also add a nice touch of style when you're up high in the mountains! I personally use mine for when I go to sleep while camping, since my head is the only part of my body that is exposed when I am in my sleeping bag.

Slipper Socks 

Pudus Grey Camo Slipper Socks for Women and Men

After a long day of hiking for hours on hours, there’s nothing better than the feeling of just lying down and resting. Imagine coming home after a long day on the trail, taking a shower, and slipping into our cozy slipper socks that just hug your feet with warmth... ahh, perfection!  

We also love taking our slipper socks with us camping! Some people do not like camping as they find it harder to find moments of comfort. The hard ground, thin sleeping mat, cold nights, and the overall lack of  comforts of home can leave you aching for your bed. I know that I’ve been in those situations where a sleeping bag just isn’t good enough. One way we like to make camping a little more comfy is with our warm & cozy slipper socks. Unlike your traditional slippers, our slipper socks are lightweight and easily compacted, making them perfect for small camping backpacks. Just slip these sherpa lined slipper socks at night, and you’ll sleep like a baby and feel like your feet are covered in clouds.

Are you going on any hiking or camping trips this summer? Let us know below and make sure to bring some cozy accessories with you!